How To Make Money Online With “Screen Cam” Video Records

And not just sitting for hours trying to explain in word how to make a change. Don’t just tell them-show them! Basically, Video informations what you do on your computer screens and also allows you to overlay the video together with voice. Video records are absolute dynamite. People will be able to follow what you do on their own computer screens. If they want, they’re able to pause the video, go and do what you suggest and keep returning and keep watching where they left off. You could this would ultimate computer and web “problem solver” and get given money for the privilege! If people want to know…

  • How to use ANY applications – show them
  • How to upload a website – show them
  • Ways to create a “Google Friendly” web page – show them
  • How to turn out to be something – like a top Google placement – demonstrate to them
  • How to “boast” of a top score playing a game instant show them

Videos have a much higher perceived value than ebooks. 9 additional, powerful multiple cash generating income waters.

Make Demonstration Videos – for your products and services with a reroute to the sales page when the video is finished.

Create “Look So that you can Buy” Presentations – for example , prospects can have an “insider” look at a membership area before they buy tutorial amazingly effective!

Produce Tutorials – and training or possibly instructional videos for sale.

Create UNIQUE and Valuable Deposit bonuses and Upsells – for your current products or re-sell rights packages – as video has a much higher perception of value than ebooks.

Sizzling “Bribe” Videos – take advantage of the video as “bribes” for newsletter sign ups.

Create Expensive “Hard Goods” – by producing CD and Cds of real video (rather than flash).

Explode Your company’s Affiliates’ Sales – with Affiliate Training videos and Confederate site promoting.

Create Ongoing Residuals – with a fitness center site offering a new video every month or a site with a lot of video on certain subject… money month in-month over, for a one time effort.

“Talking” Power Point Slide Reveal – save on airfares, hotel and travel expenses. Purely add voice commentary to your slide show, and charge it to the web or send it on a BANK CD… an automated sales person!

Have you noticed how more and more marketers are simply distributing short email messages with a link to a video?
Well there are only two very good reasons for that.

Massive Sales Conversion Rates- and not just 1% – 2% conversion to sales, some are gaining 40% conversions and even higher with “web cam porno” films.

Less Rejection By Spam Filters – you can now distribute a short message with a link to your video, greatly bringing down the chance of your email being filtered.

I can re-assure one that this is… brand new never been released before components that WILL make you money if you act!
There will be no excitement or unrealistic promises, just a common sense approach to show you how to make easy huge profits…. making “screen cam” videos.
You see, There’s no doubt that that web video is the new “killer” application. Undoubtedly about it. The web’s first killer application was netmail – now it’s video.
We live in a multimedia age – DVD’s, Ipod videos, video cell phones, online video media email….. everywhere you look, people want video.
Text on their own is no longer enough.
Admit it – if you’ve ever viewed some “camtasia” screen video you know that video beats “text only” every time. Online video is getting better and greater and growing at a phenomenal rate….. but the real thought is are you cashing in….?